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Select Board Minutes: January 17, 2017



Tuesday, January 17, 2017 5:00 p.m.

Selectmen Present:  Allan Bailey, Barbara Guelcher and William T. Matson


Selectmen Matson called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Present: Adam Dubriskie

Selectmen Bailey MOVED to go to accept the Selectmen’s Meeting minutes from January 3, 2017, January 9, 2017 and also the non-public meeting minutes from January 9, 2017 SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Bob Norton, Recreation Committee – Selectwoman Guelcher asked if the google calendar was all straight now so that when someone puts an item on the calendar both Mrs. Fox and Mr. Norton can see it.  Mr. Norton stated that it is all set now. Selectwoman Guelcher told Mr. Norton that she has instructed Mr. Dicey to not put any more time into the ice skating rink. Chairman Matson asked if skating could be done on the pond as long as the ice is checked for safety.  Selectwoman Guelcher stated that the stainless steel next to the stove is burned and lots of grease in the oven.  Chairman Matson also stated that the grease trap needs to be taken care of.  Selectwoman Guelcher asked if the Recreation Committee is taking over the senior breakfast.  Mr. Norton stated that the Recreation Committee is going to take over till summer and then see if the seniors want to take it over.  Mr. Norton stated that any profits from the breakfast will be for the recreation committee. Chairman Matson stated that he would like to single serving condiments to free up space in the fridge. Selectwoman Guelcher asked Mr. Norton why the revolving checking account that the Recreation Committee has set-up, why there is bank fees monthly. Mr. Norton stated that he was not sure it was an account that Janet McCullough set-up. Selectwoman Guelcher stated that the basement of the SEP Community Center needs to be cleaned out before the summer recreation program starts. Mr. Norton stated that he will be hiring Robyn Hannett and Melissa Wilkes back for the summer program. Mr. Norton is meeting with the softball league to talk about using the fields

Maintenance on Generators – Chairman Matson MOVED to accept the quote of $760 from powers generators for the yearly maintenance SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous

The Select Board would like Mr. Dicey to come in next week to discuss the cleaning of the SEP Community Center kitchen.

Darlene Ayotte contacted Chairman Matson about a grant that she is going for that will provide learning materials and instructors and they need the support from the Town.  The Select Board will support Mrs. Ayotte.

Letter from Robert Cummings requesting how the money was spent from the bequest and what is left.  Mrs. Fox will provide material for his review and Selectmen Bailey will write a response.

Mark Huntoon drafted 2 letters for the buildings at 5 Granite St and 262 South St to the property owners about the clean-up of the property.

Invoice from Sandra Goodwin – approved by Select Board               

Building Permit Application for Sandra Goodwin – Select Board needs a simple plot plan with the set backs

Adam Hopkins abatement – The appraisal is from December 2, 2016.  The Select Board would like Mrs. Fox to review how much taxes are paid on this property and who pays it the homeowner or through the mortgage company.

Dan Guay, Gail Thomas – Chairman Matson told Mr. Guay and Mrs. Thomas that we have no new information from Lynn Rust.  Mr. Guay stated that they have the dismissal hearing next Monday so they may have some news for the Select Board next week when they come back in.

Amy Willey –  Gave the draft of the warrant article to the Select Board.  The Select Board will send it over to the DRA for approval.  Mrs. Thomas’s amount of her legal fees will be added as soon as the invoice comes in.

Reviewed the Zoning Violation paperwork that Bradley & Faulkner PC filed for Dollar General

Chairman Matson MOVED to approve the Planning Board use Gary Kenyon as a lawyer SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Selectmen Bailey contacted the DOT about the land beyond Granite St.  They gave him the contact information for who to contact.  It is going to be costly to get a right-of-way.  Chairman Matson asked if we should put this before Town Meeting.  Selectmen Bailey asked if we should just go with the turnaround that we had originally planned in the fall or should we just go with the easement. Chairman Matson stated we should talk with Mr. Dicey about an easement.

Selectwoman Guelcher presented a Warrant Article for the band stand. Chairman Matson MOVED to accept the proposed warrant article and recommend it by the Select Board. Revisit the warrant next week.

Chairman Matson MOVED to accept Historical Society warrant article as written SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous  Mrs. Fox send to DRA for approval

Chairman Matson MOVED to accept Library Warrant article and recommend SECOND Selectman Bailey VOTE unanimous


Chairman Matson MOVED to adjourn at 5:55 pm SECOND Selectmen Bailey  VOTE unanimous