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Select Board Minutes: July 10, 2017



Monday, July 10, 2017 6:30 p.m.

Selectmen Present:  Allan Bailey, Barbara Guelcher and Curtis Hopkins


Chairman Bailey opened the meeting at 6:30 pm.

Present: Kyle Smith,  Ben Drugg, Herb Drugg, Kathy Marrotte, Pete Marrotte, Courtney Davis, Lisa Bagster, Jim Dicey, Norm Whitney, Bob Norton, Adam Dubriske, Chief Dave Ellis, Lynn Smith, Aaron Patt

Chairman Bailey MOVED to accept the Selectmen’s meeting minutes from July 3, 2017 SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Mr. Dicey received an estimate from AJ Johnson for Emergency Services Building roof to deter the snow from building up. Mr. Dicey stated it will have to be put in next year’s budget.  Mr. Dicey received a quote from DA Brothers for $600 to fix the broken bathroom door at the Samuel E. Paul Community Center.  Selectman Hopkins would like more bids on the project.  Selectwoman Guelcher states that is okay with her. Selectman Hopkins MOVED to get more bids for the repair of the door SECOND Chairman Bailey VOTE unanimous.

Mr. Dicey was approached by Joe from Troy Arctic Cat, he would like to put some signs for truckers on Old Whitcomb Rd they are 2 x 2 signs.  Mr. Dicey would like to know if he needs to come in for permission.  Mr. Smith stated on Route 12 the approval needs to come from the DOT and that if the signs are on Old Whitcomb Rd then he should be all set. Selectman Hopkins read ordinance. Mr. Dicey stated the signs are already made. Chairman Bailey stated that he needs to do a sign permit application.

Mr. Dicey was asked if divers were allowed in the Quarry behind the Transfer Station. There is a person interested in purchasing it and wants to have divers go down to see what is in it before he purchases it.  Chairman Bailey would like Mrs. Fox to contact primex the insurance company and see what kind of liability that has on the Town.

Mr. Norton was approached by the new owner of the home next door to the Samuel E. Paul Community Center.  The owner would like to take down the fence that is on his property and put up a vinyl fence.  Selectman Hopkins stated it had to be one foot from property line and good side out. Chairman Bailey stated if the fence is ours we can do a quitclaim deed to it.  Chairman Bailey would like to know if we have an ordinance on how high the fence can be – TABLED

Selectman Hopkins showed a picture of the no smoking signs for the Samuel E. Paul Community Center.  Mr. Norton and Mr. Dicey need to find out how many signs are needed.

25 School St – 2 driveways – Mr. Dicey stated that in the 60’s that was always a 2 family residence. Selectman Hopkins asked when was the second driveway put in.  Mr. Dicey state the spring or fall of 2016.  Selectman Hopkins would like a letter sent to the property owner explaining that only 1 driveway cut is allowed.  Chairman Bailey will write the letter for next week.

Selectwoman Guelcher spoke to the State of NH Dam bureau. The State is still looking for the permit for Rockwood Pond.

Historical Society would like to display the Boston Post Cane at the Historical Society.  Chairman Bailey MOVED to have custody of Boston Post Cane be given to the Historical Society to display SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous.  Mrs. Marrotte would like to know if Kimball Hall can be put on the front of this year’s Town Report. Chairman Bailey MOVED to have photo of Kimball Hall on the front of the Town Report SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Aaron Patt from Trustees of the Trust Funds – Mr. Patt sent a letter to the Attorney General’s Office about the bequest money.  After the Trustees of the Trust Funds met with the Select Board a few weeks ago the Trustees had a meeting. There was an issue with the explanation of the expendable trust and the Trustees wanted to get clarification before anything was done with the money. The Attorney General’s office sent a letter stating that an expendable trust could not be opened with this money and that a trust fund had to be set-up with the money.  Mr. Patt would like the Trustees of the Trust funds to sit down with the Select Board next week.  Also, Selectman Hopkins is concerned with the dollar figure of the bequest money. Selectman Hopkins has three different numbers. – TABLED

Mr. Norton wants to buy 200 pairs of roller skates at $10 apiece.  Selectwoman Guelcher MOVED to purchase $2000 worth of roller skates SECOND Chairman Bailey VOTE unanimous

Selectwoman Guelcher spoke with Attorney Little the content of the nuisance ordinance is good but checking on the fee with what the State charges.

Selectman Hopkins hasn’t had a chance to call MRI yet.  Selectman Hopkins spoke with Sheryl White and she suggested taking their job descriptions from Fitzwilliam and using those to create ours.

Selectman Hopkins stated that Herb Drugg spoke with the former TRG members and they are not interested in starting back up the TRG.  Mike Walsh is the only one still available. Selectman Hopkins will call – TABLED

25 Brook St Complaint – Chief Ellis stated a lot of what is in complaint letter is false.  There has never been a report of a dog attacking anyone.  There is not 40 dogs on the property there is 8 and 4 are indoor dogs. The dogs are not barking at night. Selectman Hopkins asked if the dogs were licensed and up to date on shots. Mr. Davis stated that they were.  Chief Ellis will follow up with Tax Collectors office and see if they are up to date on shots. Mr. Davis stated that he has a kennel license. Chief Ellis would like all complaints signed.

Flowers for Marcy –  Chairman Bailey MOVED to spend up to $150 for flowers or a basket for Marcy Johnson SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Okay for Public Hearing Posting

Email from Norm Whitney – Selectman Hopkins stated that John Langevin is all set.

Complaint that was turned in about Langevin property.  Chairman Bailey will write letter to the complainant.

Letter from NH Land Surveyors Association on Bob’s Hospitality at Community Center.

Email form Marge Shepherdson – Chairman Bailey read.  Chairman Bailey stated that we will take no action at this time.

Camera’s for Town Hall for inside. Selectman Hopkins stated left hand side door going out and Selectmen’s office has been unlocked. Chief Ellis will get quotes for camera’s – TABLED

Selectwoman Guelcher spoke with the Dam Bureau. Rockwood Pond is over 10 acres therefore it is the State’s control. The Dam Bureau can’t find the license for the new dam and they are still researching.

Budget Committee update – Changed the date that the recreation committee is meeting with Select Board and budget committee Selectman Hopkins forwarded to Mrs. Fox and she will forward to Chairman Bailey and Selectwoman Guelcher. The Budget committee would like a basket like all other committees. The Budget committee would like quarterly budget’s printed for their review.

Selectman Hopkins stated that if Town Business is being discussed and there are more than 2 Select Board members present it needs to have minutes taken and a notice be put out.

Mr. Marrotte asked where docushred sends their rent to. Chairman Bailey we were told their lawyer told them to put into an escrow account.

TRG – put info out for TRG.  Selectman Hopkins would like Mrs. Fox to contact Mike Walsh and Mike Steadman to see if they can come in the 24th.

Chairman Bailey MOVED to go into non-public session under RSA 91A:3 II (a) discuss employee SECOND Selectman Hopkins VOTE unanimous

8:32 pm Chairman Bailey MOVED to come out of non-public session SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Selectman  Hopkins MOVED to seal the minutes of the non-public meeting SECOND Chairman Bailey VOTE unanimous

Chairman Bailey MOVED to adjourn at 8:33 pm SECOND Selectman Hopkins VOTE unanimous