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Select Board Minutes: July 24, 2017



Monday, July 24, 2017 6:30 p.m.

Selectmen Present:  Allan Bailey, Barbara Guelcher and Curtis Hopkins


Chairman Bailey opened the meeting at 6:30 pm.

Present: Adam Dubriske, John Sullivan, Cindy Bowen, Bob Stearns, Pete Marrotte

Chairman Bailey MOVED to accept the Selectmen’s meeting minutes from July 17, 2017 SECOND Selectman Hopkins VOTE unanimous

Chairman Bailey MOVED to accept the Non-Public meeting minutes from July 10, 2017 SECOND Selectman Hopkins VOTE unanimous

Approval for Hockensmith invoice

Chairman Bailey stated that a question was brought up about if someone has to be a Troy Resident to be part of the Troy Redevelopment Group. NHMA was contacted and as long as the Selectmen appoint them then they don’t have to have residency.

Thank you letter from welfare

Thank you letter from Keene Community Kitchen.

Nuisance ordinance – Selectwoman Guelcher stated that she heard from Attorney Little and that everything is good to go we can set a date in September to hold the public hearing.

Job descriptions – Selectmen Hopkins received the quotes from MRI.  Chairman Bailey thinks it is expensive. Chairman Bailey thinks we have 2 options which are hire an independent contractor which there is one in Fitzwilliam.  The other option would be to do it ourselves.  Chairman Bailey will contact the independent contractor and get a price.

Forensic Audit – Next week

No Smoking Signs for Samuel E. Paul Community Center – Selectman Hopkins stated we have 10 free signs coming.

Fundraiser for Former Ambulance Personnel – Mark Huntoon will get ahold of Ben Drugg.

Time Board in Bay of Town Hall – Selectwoman Guelcher is going to fix some things on the board and put it back up.

Door quote for Samuel E. Paul Community Center – Selectman Hopkins talked to his dad about bid for the door.  The bid was just for materials and all the labor was free. Selectwoman Guelcher stated that if we are bidding they all need to be equal for bidding process.  Chairman Bailey stated we can rescind from last week about putting out for bid again.  Selectwoman Guelcher stated that she is okay with that and have Selectman Hopkins dad do the door repair but in the future the bidding process has to be followed correctly.  Chairman Bailey MOVED to rescind last week’s motion to put back out for bid and have Selectman Hopkin’s dad do the repair SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE 2 in favor 1 abstain

Quarry Divers – Mrs. Fox talked with Mr. Dicey. Mr. Dicey stated that the land is not for sale so let’s not worry about it.

Chairman Bailey wants to hold public hearing on bequest money before budget committees meeting start. Chairman Bailey MOVED to have public hearing September 28th for bequest at the Samuel E. Paul Community Center at 7:00 pm SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

August 21, 2017 Chairman Bailey has a conflict for meeting night.  Could we move the meeting to Wednesday, August 23, 2017 or just cancel a week. Chairman Bailey MOVED to cancel Selectmen’s meeting on August 21, 2017 SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous.  Chairman Bailey stated that if we need to we can schedule for August 23, 2017 depending on August 14, 2017 meeting.

25 North Main St – No issue for demolition permit when he wants to do deck he needs to get building permit in his own name.

178 Prospect St – Building permit is all set.

Complaint on Central Sq – Sending letter to property owner stating violations to zoning ordinance 3 and giving the owner 30 days to comply.  Deadline will be August 24, 2017.

Selectman Hopkins discussed kitchen cleaning with the recreation department and they think the fee for renting the Samuel E. Paul Community Center for a flat fee of $30.  Chairman Bailey doesn’t want to raise the fee to rent. Chairman Bailey this year we will find it in the budget to pay for the kitchen cleaning but next year we will have to change it to come from the rental fees or add into the budget.  Selectman Hopkins suggested that we could have volunteers clean the kitchen like it was done before. Selectman Hopkins suggested not renting the kitchen out at all. Selectwoman Guelcher just wants to save the taxpayers some money.  Selectman Hopkins we are giving back to the community by providing functions for the community.

Locks on doors to Town Hall – Selectwoman Guelcher asked how many people have codes to the Town Hall. Most all departments have codes to get into Town Hall. Selectwoman Guelcher spoke to Chief Ellis and he would like all the codes cleared from the doors and only department heads have the code to get in. If the department head can’t make it to a meeting to let the committee in then the police department needs to be contacted and they will let the committee in. Selectwoman Guelcher will work with Chief Ellis on this.

John Gielar – Selectwoman Guelcher talked with Scott at Carl Hagstrom’s office and Scott talked to Dick DeSeve at the DES and Carl also talked to him. Selectwoman Guelcher is waiting to hear back from Carl on the phone call he made to John Gielar.

John Sullivan – Zoning ordinance is it possible that we can get this ordinance out in the Troy Town News.  Chairman Bailey stated that it will be put in the Selectmen’s Corner of the Troy Town News.

Pete Marrotte – The Historical Society had a great day on the common this past weekend and thanks the Police and Fire Departments for all they did.

Bob Stearns – Mr. Stearns asked has anyone figured where the money is coming from the Amnesty day. Chairman Bailey stated that is why we are waiting till its gets closer to check budget before we make a decision.

Chairman Bailey MOVED to adjourn at 7:14 pm SECOND Selectman Hopkins VOTE unanimous