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Select Board Minutes: July 25, 2016



Monday, July 25, 2016 5:00 p.m.

Selectmen Present: Barbara Guelcher, Allan Bailey and William T. Matson

Selectmen Matson called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


Selectmen Bailey MOVED to accept the Selectmen’s Meeting minutes from July 18, 2016 and July 25, 2016 SECOND Selectwomen Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Ellen Every from Community Volunteer Transportation – Mrs. Every gave an overview of the company. Elderly and disable individuals are mostly who use their service but anyone that has a non-medical emergency can use their service. Looking for volunteers to drive people in need.

5:15 PM Break in meeting so Selectwomen Guelcher and Selectmen Bailey can take a ride to Gap Mountain Road to look at Dan Firmin’s property.

5:20 PM Meeting back in order

The Select Board would like Mrs. Fox to contact LGC and see if they have an examples of vacant building registrations.

Ambulance – Selectmen Bailey has found some policy’s that he has gathered but they still need to be put together. The final motion from court is done.

Monuments – Selectmen Bailey is meeting with the American Legion on Wednesday to address adding names to the monuments on the common.

Chairman Matson stated that we need to have a warrant article that makes the end of Quarry Rd a Class V road like it once was.

Mark & Judy Dill – Complaint about Dan Firmin’s property. Mrs. Dill went for a run and when she was by the property it was hard for her to breathe with the gasoline and oil smell. Mr. Dill went over the history of the complaints they have made in the past over this same property. Mrs.Dill contacted the EPA. The EPA can’t do anything without an administrative warrant. Chairman Matson asked Mrs. Dill to send us a message and that he will contact the EPA on this matter.

Courtney Davis – Mr. Davis would like Chairman Matson to push Manuela Lloyd do get her belongings out of 177 Quarry Rd before the new buyer closes on the property. Mr. Davis stated that he has been trying to help her get her belongings out. Chairman Matson stated that he would go see Ms. Lloyd.

Bruce Summers from Worldwide Computers – Mr. Summers went over his quote to do the website which is $1500. Mr. Summers would like to use droopla to do website. Whatever host supports droopla would be the hosting company. Chairman Matson asked Mr. Summers to price up the UPC’s for the computers.

Selectmen Bailey looked up the rule about subdividing property that doesn’t have a clear title. Selectmen Bailey states that there is no 7 year rule. The property can be subdivided and start building while owner is in the process of getting the title cleared.

Selectmen Bailey went over the new law that takes effect December 1, 2016 for overtime pay.

Selectmen Bailey MOVED to go with for the website SECOND Chairman Matson VOTE unanimous.

Selectmen Bailey stated we can’t sign a 3 year contract for the website we can sign a 1 year contract and then make it a warrant article to sign for the other 3 years.

Selectmen Bailey stated that there is a Municipal law lecture at Antioch that he is going to attend.

Selectmen Bailey suggests that we make code enforcer an elected position it may help with recruitment.

Jay Coppo Temporary Occupancy Permit – The temporary occupancy permit expired on June 30, 2016. Chairman Matson asked Mrs. Fox to contact Mark Huntoon, Fire Chief and have check to see if the egress windows had been put in.

177 Quarry Rd – Tax collector is working on totals for the property.

Selectwomen Guelcher – Working on getting everything fixed from the lightning strike that caused a power surge at Community Center. Jim Dicey received a quote for the fire doors in the basement that are supposed to be there if anything is to be stored or if anyone is using that space. The cost for the doors and installation is $1500. Chairman Matson stated that if they have it in the budget then go ahead and get them installed if not then put in a warrant article for next year. Selectmen Bailey will go to the next recreation committee meeting and talk about the budget.

Chairman Matson MOVED to adjourn at 6:55 pm SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous