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Select Board Minutes: June 12, 2017



Monday, June 12, 2017 6:30 p.m.

Selectmen Present: Allan Bailey, Barbara Guelcher and Curtis Hopkins


Selectman Hopkins opened the meeting at 6:30 pm.

Present: Norm Whitney, Brad Hunter, Patricia Hunter, Pete Marrotte

Chairman Bailey MOVED to accept the Selectmen’s meeting minutes from June 5, 2017 SECOND Selectman Hopkins VOTE unanimous

Brad Hunter & Patricia Hunter, Marlborough Rd – Mr. Hunter was wondering about the building permit for his property. Selectman Hopkins stated that he brought the building permit to the planning board and the planning board stated that Mr.Hunter needs a plot plan from licensed engineer with septic and elevations. The certified plot plan with stamp and all certifications from state and licensed engineer need to be submitted. Selectman Hopkins stated that it may be inconclusive after all is submitted but won’t know till all of this information is seen. Mr. Hunter feels he has had to jump hoops for this house. Mr. Hunter stated that 4 years ago was when the lot was changed to unbuildable on the tax card and no one knows why it was changed. Mr. Hunter purchased the property 2 years ago and did not check the tax card. Mr. Hunter would like a letter from the Select Board on what he needs to get for the Planning Board.

Chairman Bailey MOVED to accept the non-public meeting minutes from June 5, 2017 SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous


Complaints Map 32 Lot 2A

Map 12 Lot 3 & Lot 11

Nuisance Ordinance – Selectwoman Guelcher will meet with Attorney Little on Friday

Job descriptions

Forensic Audit

Deb Wilson – Business card from Jim Gillis that is interested in Troy Mills. Chairman Bailey stated that he is not sure who owns Troy Mills at this point. Chairman Bailey will contact Mr. Gillis.

Selectman Hopkins went on a ride along with Jim Dicey on Friday. Mr. Dicey would like a warrant article to hire someone to start in January to start training for Mr. Dicey’s position since Mr. Dicey will be done in September of 2018 and prior to that he will be using vacation time. Selectman Hopkins asked Mr. Dicey how long it would take to clean each ditch in Town. Mr. Dicey stated 4 to 6 months at 8 hours every day. Selectman Hopkins asked Mr. Dicey if there was a written schedule on when the ditches get cleaned out. Mr. Dicey stated that is no schedule. Mr. Dicey told Selectman Hopkins that he uses a mini excavator to clean the ditches. Selectman Hopkins went with Mr. Dicey and looked at all the ditches on South St. The ditch in front of Phaedra Lady’s house needs to be cleaned out before contractors can come in and fix it. Selectman Hopkins asked Mr. Dicey about the bidding process he uses. Mr. Dicey stated that he uses the bidding book and he calls around. Chairman Bailey stated that the employees Director, Chief of Police and the Administrative Assistant and reviews should be done which have not been done in the past. Chairman Bailey wants to do evaluations of end of June beginning of July on these employees.

Selectman Hopkins asked Bob Norton to contact Jane from CDC to put the correct wording on the signs for the no smoking policy at Sand Dam.

Beacon Light – the DOT letter for the Beacon Light states that once a light reaches its useful life it is taken down. Selectman Hopkins spoke to Chief Ellis and Chief Ellis stated that with the two accidents that occurred it would have not mattered. Selectman Hopkins talked to Chief Ellis about more enforcement around that area. Mr. Marrotte stated that there is a fire hydrant at that intersection.

Chairman Bailey looked over the paperwork that was sent back from the Bankruptcy court in regards to the tax bills we sent them for Troy Mills. The paperwork was so that the Town could put in a claim. Chairman Bailey will write a letter and send it back and see if they tell us that the property is ours if so we will sell it.

Chairman Bailey called Ted Fellows in regards to looking at the Gazebo on the common. No call back from Mr. Fellows yet.

MRI – Chairman Bailey stated that there was talk a few weeks ago about having MRI come in and work on job descriptions and pay scales. Selectman Hopkins had not looked into further.

Welfare Budget – Chairman Bailey was looking over the budget and welfare has already expended 70% of the $35,000 budget.

PLP Letter – Mr. Dicey would like the Select Board to send a Thank you letter to PLP for the flag pole they donated for Sand Dam.

Staci & Chad Branon – 2 people have informed Alissa Fox that the garage that the Branon’s put up has an apartment above it and that in the original building permit it stated that the Branon’s were only putting the garage in now and the apartment later because Mr. Branon knew that he would need a septic design approval. Chairman Bailey stated we should send letter asking for the septic design so we are able to get it for the records.

Selectman Hopkins stated that during his ride along with Mr. Dicey there is a camp on Quarry Rd that someone is living in year round. Chairman Bailey asked if anyone has complained. Selectmen Hopkins stated no. Selectman Hopkins also notice on Route 12 on Donnie Smith’s property there are many unregistered vehicles and Selectman Hopkins would like to know if he has a junkyard permit. Selectman Hopkins told Norman Whitney that he has 3 unregistered vehicles in his yard. Selectwoman Guelcher stated once you start on one property with no complaint then you need to follow thru with all the other properties in Town that are not following ordinances. Selectman Hopkins stated that on School Street where Cindy Satas’s apartment was there is now 2 driveways. Mrs. Fox explained that Mr. Dicey allowed Mr. Jones to put the other driveway in and that Mr. Jones was going to let the old driveway fill in. Chairman Bailey stated to wait 30 days and see if old driveway is taken care off. Selectman Hopkins stated there is basketball hops and mailboxes on sidewalk on Granite Street. Selectman Hopkins also noticed a lot of Town building and gate keys that Mr. Dicey has and wanted to know if we have any other keys for these buildings and gates. Chairman Bailey stated there is a key box behind the door in Selectmen’s Office with all sorts of keys.

Selectwoman Guelcher stated that she talked with Dick Desev from NH DES on John Gielar’s property. Mr. Desev stated that he spoke with Carl Hagstrom and Mr. Hagstrom stated that Mr. Gielar was not working with him to replace the septic system. Mr. Desev stated that he will be working on this from this point.

Selectwoman Guelcher stated that she spoke with Rod Page at the Transfer Station about having an amnesty day to collect resident’s junk that they have in their yards and properly dispose of it. Mr. Dicey stated that the cost would be $1250 for an extra dumpster for the day and $1000 for trucking. An amnesty day would be only accepting things that we already accept but at no charge to the residents. Mr. Whitney stated that Tire Warehouse has an earth day when they collect tires at no fee. – TABLED

Selectwoman Guelcher is concerned with the Recreation Committee receiving the funds from the rental of the Samuel E. Paul Community Center. Matt Murray our town auditor stated when he was here that the money that was being put into a 2220 account from rent that was coming from Helping Hands for rent of the back room should not be kept in a 2220 to be used for building repairs and that in fact that should be recorded as income. The question that is now being asked is if this in fact is the same for the Recreation Committee receiving the money for the rental of the Town community center.

Chairman Bailey asked when the Summer Recreation Program will begin. Selectman Hopkins stated June 26 th . Chairman Bailey explained to Selectman Hopkins about what Selectwoman Guelcher saw last year with a young girl outside crying by herself with no one around. Chairman Bailey asked how many children were attending camp this summer Mrs. Fox stated that last she knew there was an average of 46 a day. Chairman Bailey would like Bob Norton, Robyn Hannett and Melissa Wilks to come into next week’s Selectmen’s Meeting and go over the Summer Recreation program. Selectman Hopkins stated that Melissa Wilks is now a recreation committee member and needs to be sworn in. Chairman Bailey wants to look into whether or not  she needs to be sworn in for that.

Selectman Hopkins MOVED to adjourn at 8:39 pm SECOND Chairman Bailey VOTE unanimous