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Select Board Minutes: June 5, 2017



Monday, June 5 2017 6:30 p.m.

Selectmen Present: Allan Bailey, Barbara Guelcher and Curtis Hopkins


Chairman Bailey opened the meeting at 6:30 pm.

Present: Adam Dubriske, Norm Whitney, Herb Drugg, Phaedra Lady, Robert Jakubiak, Jim Lockhead

Chairman Bailey MOVED to accept the Selectmen’s meeting minutes from May 30, 2017 SECOND Selectmen Hopkins VOTE unanimous

Chairman Bailey MOVED to accept the non-public meeting minutes from May 30, 2017 SECOND Selectmen Hopkins VOTE unanimous


  • Complaints Map 32 Lot 2A
  • Map 12 Lot 3; Lot 11
  • Nuisance Ordinance
  • Job descriptions
  • Forensic Audit

CDC No Smoking Policy at Samuel E. Paul Community Center – Selectmen Hopkins will contact Jane to have her put “per Selectmen Orders” on the signs.

Agenda Request – Selectmen Hopkins request cut off time of 5:00 pm on Thursday for people to request to be put on the Agenda. The agenda and all information will then be emailed to the Select Board by 7:30 pm on Thursday evening. Selectwoman Guelcher believes we should give a trial run before we vote. Chairman Bailey we can resend in a few weeks if it doesn’t seem to be working. Change form to say Administrative Assistant and cut off time of 5:00 pm Thursday.Chairman Bailey MOVED to adopt agenda request form SECOND Selectmen Hopkins VOTEunanimous.

Beacon Light – Mr. Dicey wants the Select Board to write a letter to reinstall the beacon light at the end of South Main St. Selectmen Hopkins stated that if light doesn’t get put back up should we let Chief Ellis know so more patrolling could be done it is only 30 mph. Mr. Dubriske stated that before you put too much discussion into this you should first find out the reason for accident. Chairman Bailey MOVED to send letter to DOT to ask to put beacon light up and reconfigure street on Route 12 and South Main St. SECOND Selectmen Hopkins VOTE unanimous

Letter from Mari Brenner on Complete Streets given to Selectmen Hopkins to bring to planning board

ADA Coordinator description from State

Dick Desev from NH DES – John Gielar’s 2 weeks is up on Wednesday June 7, 2017 to have septic pumped.

Memorial Drive sink hole in driveway of foreclosed property – Mrs. Fox called and has had no response.

Culverts – NHMA attorney letter stating RSA 236:13 State Roads and Town Roads. Chairman Bailey would like to know how long it would take to do all the culverts in Town. Mr. H. Drugg asked if there is a written schedule on the cleaning of culverts.

Selectmen Hopkins asked if anyone knew about a 5 year plan that Mr. Dicey would be referring to that pertained to Sand Dam.

Chairman Bailey told Mrs. Lady about what NHMA lawyers stated. Mrs. Lady wants to know why some people are getting help with their culverts while others are not. Mrs. Lady doesn’t understand why the fire truck would be used to wash out Mr. Sheats culvert and have it all pushed all down to her culvert. Mrs. Lady referred to Mr. Dicey’s comment from last week about the culvert not being installed correctly the first time, the driveway permit was approved but does anyone come out and check it. Selectwoman Guelcher doesn’t it mean that driveway permit is no longer valid. Mr. Dicey should have said something if he knew it was put in wrong. Mr. Dicey washed out Mr. Sheats culvert which washed away more of her driveway. Mrs. Lady would like the Town to come clean it out and find out what the issue is so it can get corrected. Selectmen Hopkins thinks Mr. Dicey should clean out ditches so Mrs. Lady can see the issue. Mr. H. Drugg asked did culvert ever work. Mr. Dubriske stated if it was installed and not level it wouldn’t work. Mrs. Lady wants the ditches cleaned out. Mr. Jakubiak asked if the town could put rock on both sides so it stops from getting clogged. Chairman Bailey stated that we need to find out cost of that first. Chairman Bailey asked Selectmen Hopkins to ask Mr. Dicey take a look at Mrs. Lady Culvert on Friday.

Selectwoman Guelcher – Explanation of building permits

Building Inspector – Chairman Bailey don’t have money in budget and can’t pay an on-call inspector.

Insurance claim – Mrs. Fox spoke with Retirement Company and HealthTrust. HealthTrust stated we need to be following HIPPA and can’t discuss in public.

Norman Whitney – Mr. Whitney would like an update on Brad Hunters property on Marlborough Rd. Selectmen Hopkins stated that he is taking information to the planning board.

Chairman Bailey MOVED to go into non-public session at 7:38 pm under RSA 91:A 3(II)(a) SECOND Selectmen Hopkins VOTE unanimous

7:51 pm back in public session

Selectmen Hopkins MOVED to seal non-public minutes SECOND Chairman Bailey VOTE unanimous

Chairman Bailey VOTE unanimous