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Select Board Minutes: March 20, 2017



Monday, March 20, 2017 5:00 p.m.

Selectmen Present:  Barbara Guelcher, Allan Bailey and Curtis Hopkins


Selectmen Bailey called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Present: Adam Dubriskie, Adam Hopkins, Marcia Nadeau, Herb Drugg, Ben Drugg, Janet McCullough

Selectmen Bailey asked if anyone would like to nominate a chairman for the board.  Selectwoman Guelcher would like to nominate Selectmen Bailey as Chairman for the Board of Selectmen SECOND Selectmen Hopkins VOTE unanimous

5:01 pm Jim Dicey – Selectwoman Guelcher updated the Board on the doors at the SEP Community Center. Mr. Dicey stated that DA Brothers is coming back to adjust the bars on the door. Selectmen Hopkins asked why there was no bar down the middle of the two doors. Mr. Dicey stated that there was no requirement to have the bar down the middle of the doors and the doors are meant to open all the way if there is a fire. Mr. Dicey stated that we were requested to have fire doors.  

Chairman Bailey read the letter from Chip Lang in regards to the sidewalks not being cleared enough for the children to walk on them. Mr. Dicey stated that he was out at 7:00 am on Wednesday working on the sidewalks.

5:07 pm Marcia Nadeau – Mrs. Nadeau wanted to know if anyone had heard of the sunshine laws. Mrs. Nadeau stated that in the February 6, 2017 meeting minutes that Chairman Matson gave everyone 3 mins to speak and Mrs. Nadeau feels that is not enough time.  Mrs. Nadeau stated that Selectmen Bailey posts to facebook every week that the public can attend to observe. Chairman Bailey stated that is why he posts that if you have business to conduct to call and be put on the agenda so there is more time for your concerns.  Chairman Bailey stated that the Board tries not to limit people on their time to speak.

Mrs. Nadeau asked the board since an answer was not received at Town Meeting she was going to ask again why the Administrative Assistant received a $2000 a year more for welfare when Selectmen Matson had already given it to her when she was hired in March of 2015. Chairman Bailey stated that we aren’t supposed to discuss personnel issues in public those discussions are to be in non-public meetings.

Mrs. Nadeau asked if there is a privacy statement for the Town. Mrs. Nadeau filed a complaint with the Selectmen’s Office and someone gave out the paper to the person being complained about.  The person being complained about stopped Mrs. Nadeau and said some bad things to her. Mrs. McCullough stated that when she was Selectmen they never gave names out of complaints.  Selectwoman Guelcher asked Mrs. Fox if anyone has ever requested a copy of a complaint. Mrs. Fox stated that she has never given a copy of a complaint out to anyone requesting one. Chairman Bailey stated that once a complaint is filed with the Selectmen’s Office it is public knowledge.

Mrs. Nadeau wanted to state that the dog being in the Selectmen’s Office is not professional.  That it is a liability issue if the dog was to bite someone. Mrs. Nadeau stated that the insurance company would not be okay with the dog being in the office. Mrs. Fox stated that the insurance lady was in the office two weeks ago.

Selectmen Hopkins MOVED to accept Selectmen Meeting Minutes from March 13, 2017 SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

hairman Bailey MOVED to approve the poll permits for billing SECOND Selectmen Hopkins VOTE Unanimous

Chairman Bailey will draft letters to all of the residents who had votes for different positions.

Mrs. McCullough’s letter as treasurer to the Select Board and Vachon & Clukay in regards to the recommendations with all the revolving fund accounts.  Mrs. McCullough gave the checkbook for the recreation revolving fund to Mrs. Fox.  Mrs. Fox will write the check and Mrs. McCullough will sign the checks.  Selectwoman Guelcher explained all the committees will turn checkbooks over and Mrs. Fox will write them and the signors on the accounts will sign them.

5:52 pm Mike Cumings – Mr. Cumings wants to make sure that no more of the bequest money will be spent. Chairman Bailey stated that the money could only be spent till December 31, 2016. Selectwoman Guelcher asked about the band stand money that was voted on by the Select Board.  Chairman Bailey stated that the bequest money could no longer be used for the band stand and the check should have been written in December. Selectwoman Guelcher asked how she was supposed to pay the $2000 invoice for the lumber that was purchased for the ceiling of the band stand. H. Drugg said he would be willing to call DA Brothers and see if they would take the lumber back.  Mrs. McCullough stated that we found $9000 left over in last year’s budget from the Selectmen’s Office and the Town Hall budget to buy new office furniture for the   Selectmen’s Office so there should be somewhere we could get the $2000 from in the budget to pay for the lumber. Chairman Bailey TABLED the bill for DA Brothers till next week.

Mr. Cumings found and address for the Health Trust retiree that the Town paid the bill for. H. Drugg stated that when he came into the Selectmen’s Office to look over the Health Trust agreement there was no membership agreement. Chairman Bailey would like Mrs. Fox to request a copy from Health Trust.

Mr. Cumings gave the Select Board a warrant article for next year to change the school formula to 50/50.

Drugg suggested starting smaller committees to help the Select Board with various tasks that they are working on.

Richmond Rd Complaint – TABLED  Selectwoman Guelcher will have a rough draft of the ordinance for next week’s meeting.

Complaint 83 High St – Chairman Bailey will go look at the property and contact who did the work on the septic system last year.

Schedule the school inspection for a Friday

 Approved memo for St. Jean Auctioneers

Ridley Real Estate – Map 12 Lot 11 & 3 – TABLED

Chairman Bailey MOVED to change the meeting time of the Selectmen’s Minutes from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm SECOND Selectmen Hopkins VOTE unanimous

Chairman Bailey would like to close the Selectmen’s Office at 6:30 pm on Monday night.

Chairman Bailey is now recording all of the Selectmen’s Meeting minutes.  Chairman Bailey MOVED to provide a link on the website of the recording of the meeting minutes SECOND Selectmen Hopkins VOTE unanimous

Chairman Bailey MOVED to have John Langevin submit a site plan with set-back to consider building permit SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Troy Arctic Cat building permit – need set-backs put on building permit.
 Mrs. Nadeau would like to know if the Select Board knows where the debris is going from 5 Granite St. Mrs. Nadeau stated that it is going in her backyard. Mrs. Nadeau is concerned because she has a well.  Mr. Dubriskie suggested calling the Department of Environmental Services.  Mr. Dubriskie stated that the Fire Department has had a few complaints and when investigate the complaints never find any of the debris being burned.  

 Selectwoman Guelcher MOVED to adjourn at 7:03 pm SECOND Chairman Bailey VOTE