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Select Board Minutes: March 27, 2017



Monday, March 27, 2017 5:00 p.m.

Selectmen Present:  Barbara Guelcher and Curtis Hopkins


Selectwoman Guelcher called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Adam Dubriskie, Darlene Harris, Marcia Nadeau, William Fortin, Melanie Fortin

Selectwoman Guelcher MOVED to accept the Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes from March 20, 2017 SECOND Selectmen Hopkins VOTE unanimous

68 West Hill Complaint – Goat barn built on Mr. Dubriskie’s land.  Mr. Dubriskie’s brought in a subdivision plan.  Mr. Dubriskie’s measured from his pin 185’.  Mr. Dubriskie brought it to the attention of the neighbor. Mr. Dubriskie states that there is now no trespassing signs.  Mr. Hopkins stated that the set backs are not even being followed. TABLED

Jon Collins not returning to the planning board

Bert Lang will take budget committee position

Steve Sawyer will take planning board position

Joe Hannon will take budget committee seat.

Mike Wilbur building inspector from Marlborough coming in on April 4.

Learning Steps Daycare inspection – Selectwoman Guelcher will speak with Chairman Bailey to see who should inspect the property.  Alissa Fox suggested taking Fire Chief Huntoon.  

Reviewed State of NH property evaluation

Mackey Road land – Is a double wide permitted on property. Will do research on this before calling back.

NH Dot – Beacon taken down by State.

Fire Marshal – Grant for Fired Department for carbon monoxide / smoke detectors for families in need.  Give to Chief Huntoon.

Letter from Keene Ambulance Dept – Agreement needs to be put in place with Keene Ambulance Dept or they will not be assist. Chief Huntoon will be in next week discuss it with him.

Troy School Inspection – Mrs. Fox set-up with Sandy Smith for April 7th in the afternoon.

Quarry Rd Auction – Mrs. Fox will have back taxes and interest next week.

Troy Artic Cat Building Permit – TABLED

83 High St Complaint – Selectmen Hopkins said that the sewer was covered with a board which has snow over it. There was no signs of leaking sewage. Mr. Hopkins stated that complaint is closed.

Selectmen Hopkins mentioned about privacy.  Mrs. Fox contact NHMA legal and get a response from them for next week.

Map 12 Lot 3 & 11 Ridley Real Estate – Selectwoman Guelcher explained situation. TABLED

Aces 93 Warrant Article – Did not pass.  Would like to call in Lisa Steadman and Adam Hopkins for April 10th meeting.

Selectmen Hopkins MOVED to change next week’s Selectmen’s Meeting from April 3rd to April 4th SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Mill Update from Selectmen Hopkins – Francis Fournier called Selectmen Hopkins back and stated that he knew some investors. Jack Dugan was still interested in the mill.  Bob Hanson was no longer interested.  Mr. Fournier told Selectmen Hopkins that he would call Jack Dugan.  Selectmen Hopkins has tried to reach Mike Walsh to get the Troy Redevelopment Group information. Selectwoman Guelcher told Selectmen Hopkins to call the Attorney General’s Office first.

Wood for Bandstand – Jim Dicey is calling DA Brothers.  TABLED

Selectmen Hopkins stated that the dividers in the girl’s bathroom at the SEP Community Center is coming out of the wall.

Mr. Dicey asked Mrs. Fox to let the Select Board know that the storage buildings down by the Cheshire Railroad depot have the cap on the roof coming off and the roof is probably leaking. Mrs. Fox will call Stan Clark and let him know about the issue.

Marcia Nadeau asked about the Nuisance Ordinance being written.  Selectwoman Guelcher explained.

Mr. Cumings found and address for the Health Trust retiree that the Town paid the bill for. H. Drugg stated that when he came into the Selectmen’s Office to look over the Health Trust agreement there was no membership agreement. Chairman Bailey would like Mrs. Fox to request a copy from Health Trust.

Selectwoman Guelcher MOVED to adjourn at 7:40 pm SECOND Selectmen Hopkins VOTE  unanimous