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Select Board Minutes: May 22, 2017



Monday, May 22, 2017 6:30 p.m.

Selectmen Present: Allan Bailey, Barbara Guelcher and Curtis Hopkins


Chairman Bailey opened the meeting at 6:30 pm.

Present: Lynn Cullen, David Ellis, Kathy Marrotte, Pete Marrotte, Adam Dubriske, Ben Drugg, Herb Drugg, Kyle Smith, Joel Thompson

Chairman Bailey MOVED to accept the Selectmen’s meeting minutes from May 15, 2017 SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Chairman Bailey MOVED to accept the non-public meeting minutes from May 15, 2017 SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Dan’s Doghouse – NH Dept. of Health and Human Services permit to operate a hot dog stand at 111 North Main St.

Letter from State on landfill testing site – forward to Jim Dicey.

Letter from Justin Jones of 15 School St. – Mr. Jones would like to move his driveway to the other side of his property. – Selectmen Hopkins will bring it to the Planning Board.

Nuisance Ordinance – TABLED

Ridley Lot – TABLED

Job Descriptions – TABLED

Forensic Audit – Chairman Bailey has some issue with how this audit is supposed to be paid. Chairman Bailey sent a message to NHMA asking about having a public hearing to spend the money that was set aside for the audit. Chairman Bailey wants to do some more research into this.

No Smoking Policy at Sand Dam– Of the original draft #3 will be removed. Selectmen Hopkins stated that on the policy and signs should state no smoking per order of the Select Board and we can’t add enforcement to the policy. Chairman Bailey MOVED to adopt no smoking policy with corrections just made SECOND Selectmen Hopkins VOTE unanimous

Zoning Ordinance – Chairman Bailey we don’t have enforcement. H. Drugg yes we do have the enforcement. Chairman Bailey what was the issue then. H. Drugg stated it can be enforced but only if convicted so will have to bring the matter to the court if not complying.

Dean Boley – Mrs. Fox explained that Mr. Boley wants to put some hedges and a fence on his property at 91 North Main St wasn’t sure if it met set-backs. Select Board stated that the fence and hedges are not part of set-back rules so Mr. Boley can go ahead and put the fence and hedges up.

Norman Whitney – Mr. Whitney had assessor out at his property last year to look at his home and the value dropped. KRT went back out there this year and looked at property from driveway and now his value is back up. Chairman Bailey asked Mrs. Fox to contact Ken Rogers @ KRT and have him get in contact with Mr. Whitney for them to set-up an appointment.

Bob Evans building permit for pouring slab of concrete for shelter logic to be put up – Selectmen Hopkins brought the building permit before the Planning Board and there is no issue with set- backs and Mr. Evans can move forward with his project.

Selectmen Hopkins asked Mr. Whitney if he had called Eversource about the utility poles that have been put up on the property line between his and Brad Hunter’s land. Mr. Whitney stated that he has called Eversource and that Eversource states that they can put the poles on the property lines. Selectwoman Guelcher stated that the Town does not handle property line disputes. Kyle Smith said that he could check with the Planning Board at the next meeting on June 7th and see what the set-backs are for a driveway.

Ben Drugg – Mr. Drugg wants to know why the DRA has not approved the warrant as of yet. Mrs. Fox stated she spoke with Jaime Dow today and the letter from the DRA will be here tomorrow. Mr. Drugg called the DRA last week. Selectwoman Guelcher stated that the Ambulance personal lawyer fees were disallowed by the DRA. Mr. B. Drugg stated that the Town is losing $100 a day in interest because the bequest money has not been moved yet. Mr. B. Drugg stated that when he spoke to Jaime Dow at DRA last week that she stated she would call the Selectmen’s Office and tell them to move the money to a trust fund now and then figure the rest out later. Selectwoman Guelcher stated she spoke with Mrs. Dow and that was never told to her. Mrs. Fox stated that when she spoke to Mrs. Dow early today she never mentioned moving the money she stated to wait for the letter to arrive tomorrow from the DRA. Chairman Bailey would like to pause on this for a moment.

Patricia Hunter from NH Homes, LLC – Closing on Map 6 Lot 3 & 4. Mrs. Hunter also dropped off a building permit for her property located on Marlborough Rd.

Back to Ben Drugg – Chairman Bailey stated that it is normal to wait for approval by the DRA and knew that the DRA was going to be looking into some issues on the warrant. Mr. B. Drugg asked where the urgency is. Chairman Bailey stated that our number one priority is following the law.

Planning Board Member List is not correct on the website. Mrs. Fox to get info over to Linda West to get updated.

Phaedra Lady, Josh Ellis – Mrs. Lady wants to know who is responsible for the culvert in front of her condo. Mr. Ellis stated that Bucky Sheats culvert was cleaned out by the fire truck a few weeks ago and the end of a driveway on South St was paved one time. Mr. Ellis states that some residents are getting theirs down while others are not. Chairman Bailey would like Mrs. Fox to have Mr. Dicey come into next week’s meeting on Tuesday at 7:00 pm to go over the culverts.

Joel Thompson, Rob Hadley – Mr. Hadley wants to open an arcade in Mr. Thompson’s space at 199 North Main St where Sugar & Spice Boutique used to rent. Mr. Thompson would like to know if there is anything he needs to do with the Town. Mr. Thompson has already been thru the parking space requirements with the DOT and thinks that the planning board should have a copy of that. Mr. Smith who is on the Planning Board is concerned with the change of use. Mr. Smith will bring it up at the next planning board meeting. Mr. Thompson and Mr. Hadley would like to know what they should bring to the Planning Board meeting. Mr. Smith stated a copy of the letter from DOT on the parking.

Mike Cummings – Mr. Cummings got copy of insurance paperwork that Keene uses for the retirees so we can copy and use. Selectwoman Guelcher stated that she called Attorney Little and to file with the court to get payment from retiree it would cost $90. If the retiree can afford a payment plan it could be for like $10 / a month. Selectwoman Guelcher is meeting with Attorney Little on May 30, 2017 at 9:30 am. Chairman Bailey asked how much we are willing to spend to collect the $4,154.00 that we paid out for the retiree. Chairman Bailey would like Mrs. Fox to call the retiree and ask if she can set-up a payment plan with the Town.

Pete Marrotte – wants to see where we are at with the Welcome to Troy signs. Selectmen Hopkins stated that they were all fixed.

Norm Whitney – Mr. Whitney would like to know how KRT is paid. Chairman Bailey stated that they have a yearly contract.

David Ellis – Mr. Ellis stated that he will be coming in to propose to the Select Board that there be no parking on 1 side of the street on South St. Mr. Ellis stated there has been some issues with parking. Mr. Ellis is put on the agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting at 7:15.

Selectmen Hopkins asked if anyone has spoken to Mr. Dicey about turning the soccer field into a baseball field. Mr. Smith spoke with Mr. Dicey and Mr. Dicey stated that nothing can be done till next year and it dries out.

Septic & Leach Field complaint – NH DES is coming Wednesday May 24th to meet with Selectwoman Guelcher and to take a look at the property.

Chairman Bailey MOVED to go into non-public session under RSA 91-1:3 II (l) Legal advice by legal counsel SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Chairman Bailey MOVED to adjourn at 7:58 pm SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous