Gay-Kimball LibraryGay-Kimball Library

Selectman Minutes April 9, 2018

Selectmen Present: Richard Thackston, Barbara Guelcher, Curtis Hopkins Chairman

Thackston opened the meeting at 6:30.
Present: Pete Marrotte, Jerry Callahan , Richard Wright

Chairman Dick Thackston MOVED to approve the Selectmen’s meeting minutes from April 2, 2018, SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous.

Weekly Announcements from Chairman Thackston.

I. Old Business

A. Budget committee approved/voted a significant reduction in the welfare budget last town meeting. Trying to find the most effective way to deal with it. Need to find a way to manage town money. Possible first 3 steps are being discussed. How are we handling this? Further discussion.
B. Cemetery Wreath’s are all set; have the funds to do this. Volunteers needed for Saturday December 1st
C. DRA portal updated from town meeting and matches treasures records.
D. Making a facilities plan on maintaining buildings in the town.

II. New Business

A. Planning Board discussion. Street project last Wednesday. (due by 06 /29 /18). Discussed applying for grant application due on 6/29/18.
1. Will move forward with application when Carol Ogalvie returns.
2. Talked about looking to update the sidewalk from the school to the
library , bicycle lanes, cross walks, and the intersection by the library.
B. John Collins is setting up meetings for WIFI and fiber optic internet for the town.
C. Solar Panels – Building permit is required followed up by attendance to the Planning Board.
D. Kimball Hall Parking – Who owns what parking spaces? The agreement is a bit unclear. This hasn’t been a problem for 19 years, could be an ownership issue. TABLED.

Ill. Public Town Events

A. Saturday April 14 at 5:30 pm – Community Center, Rec Department is hosting
a spaghetti dinner fundraiser. Proceeds are going to the fishing derby. $5 a plate.

IV. Topics of Discussion
Moving payroll out one week. Unanimous.
Payroll being outsourced to ADP. Unanimous.
Open container permit for Saturday (4/21) adult dance. Unanimous.

V. Manifest
Payroll Manifest in motion= $7,742.22. Everyone in favor.
Operating Account Manifest in motion = $27,439.84. Everyone in favor.



Annie Thackston
Administrative Assistant

Richard Thackston – Chairman, Barbara Guelcher, Curtis Hopkins