Gay-Kimball Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

September 1, 2015 – at 4:00 pm

Members Present: Yvonne Peters, Allan Bailey, Charleen Hoefsmit

Also: Catherine Callegari – Librarian

Treasurer’s Report: Checking – $3,676 Fines -$473, Memorial Fund – $337, Petty Cash – $555

Grand Total: $5,041

Librarian’s Report: Door count: 1,225, Circulation: 1,669, Computer Usage: 98, New Patrons: 7

Old Business:

  • The budget remains on track with 33.47% of Town Funds available. Catherine detected A TD Bank error on the Library checking account. It is in process of being rectified.
  • Rug stains in the conference room (and elsewhere) have been removed. Should new flooring become a necessity, the installation of carpet “tiles” vs one “room size” rug was discussed as a means to facilitate future cleaning and repairs.
  • To assist in a smooth transition for the new Librarian, Catherine has graciously decided to delay her departure until January 15th of 2016.
  • The Library’s participation in the Bicentennial Parade was a success. Both children and adults appreciated the good will and free magnets distributed by Catherine and her “crew”.

New Business:

  • Policy governing usage and maintenance of our debit card was discussed and approved by the Trustees. The policy will be added to the Library manual.
  • The Book Sale is scheduled for October 9th and 10th. Coverage for the event and advertising to maximize sales were discussed.
  • The Trustees voted “yes” to sending Sheila Depew to the Children’s Literature Festival.
  • It was decided to allow personnel who function as “subs” to work through their allotted lunch time of one half hour if they choose to do so.
  • Changes to the job description to be presented to applicants for the new Librarian position were discussed and accepted.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:45pm. The next meeting is scheduled for October 7th at 4:00pm.