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Third and final Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal – includes links

Less than a week before holding two of three planned public scoping hearings on their proposed pipeline, Kinder Morgan released the third and final pre-application plan for the pipeline. Below are links to the three states involved in this project, including New Hampshire. It is a long document for New Hampshire, 266 pages and there are several new plans for Troy and the pipeline in it. The third public scoping hearing is suppose to be held in August in southwest New Hampshire.


August 31 is the deadline to get written comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the agency considering Kinder Morgan’s pipeline proposal. Please comment to FERC about your views on the pipeline and its impact on Troy.


Write to FERC: FERC, Kimberly D. Bosse, Secretary,  Room 1A 888 First St., N.E. Washington D.C. 20426.


Email your comments to: (Follow prompts on page and list PF14-22 Docket Number or try E-Comment via

With anything you write, please include the project docket number. It is PF 14-22.

 Environmental Construction Plan for New Hampshire

 Environmental Construction Plan for Massachusetts 

 Environmental Construction Plan for New York