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Troy selectmen have new member

By Meghan Foley Sentinel Staff | Posted: Wednesday, September 16, 2015

TROY — The board of selectmen is back to a full three members following the death of one of its own earlier this month.

A posting on the Gay-Kimball Library Facebook page Tuesday announced Allan B. Bailey, a library trustee, has been appointed to fill the seat formerly held by Gideon L. Nadeau Sr.

Nadeau, who was in the first year of his second, three-year term on the board, died Sept. 2 after suffering a heart attack a few days before. He was 65 years old.

Bailey, who has lived in Troy for about eight years, confirmed his appointment Tuesday afternoon, saying Selectmen Chairman Howard M. Sheats Jr. called him that morning to offer him the position. Bailey said he was surprised, as he hadn’t discussed the position with board members, nor given it any thought. He accepted, he said, and was sworn in at Troy Town Hall.

He will join Sheats and Selectman William T. “Tom” Matson on the board.

“In any town, there is a limited number of people who get involved in things. I guess I was one of the likely suspects,” Bailey said.

His appointment will be for six months until the next town election in March, he said. At that time, an election will be held for someone to finish the remaining two years of Nadeau’s term.

Bailey, 69, said he doesn’t plan to run for election then, but added that anything can happen.

Besides being a library trustee, Bailey’s a member of the town’s budget committee and the Troy Redevelopment Group. He said he’ll have to resign from the budget committee because state law advises it, and plans to resign from the redevelopment group because it would be a conflict of interest.