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December 11, 2019

PRESENT: Bucky Sheats, Kris Lepisto, Mark Huntoon, Bert Lang, Carl Patten, Justin Frazier

Meeting called to Order – Bert called the meeting to order at 5:03

REVIEW OF THE MINUTES FROM September11, 2019 – Bucky made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Kris seconded. All in
favor, motion passed.

GUEST: Mike Grenier 18 Mill St – Mr. Grenier came before the Board to discuss the 3rd quarter bill for the property at 18 Mill St. The
usage for that property was 45,200. Rhonda called Mr. Grenier to notify him at which time he met with Justin and Nick and then
followed up with having Plumbusters come out. Plumbusters found items that needed to fixed and replaced which have since then
been taken care of. Mr. Grenier would like to know if there is anything the Board could do for him on this bill. The Board
discussed and Bucky made a motion to abate $2,194.24 on the sewer portion, Carl seconded, all in favor.

1. Conex Box – Justin shared the Dechlor building is complete. Total cost $14,616.82. KWH is down 1900.
2. Gravel Pack Road – Completed
3. Heating System Update – Continuing to work on.
4. Manholes on North Main St. – Will wait until spring. Have the manhole covers and rings.
5. Meter on Monadnock St – Justin shared at this time not feasible to but under bathroom sink. They will be doing some repairs this
spring/summer at which time Justin will try to coordinate a place to put the meter.
6. Drainage at Perkins Pond – Justin shared that this is completed and work wells. Need to do something with the door as the water
runs off and freezes.
1. Propane – Justin shared with the Board quotes from Keene Gas 3-120 tanks 350 to rent, to purchase $2,450.00, Allen Mathewson/
Roy Bros. 500 gal tank $2,364.00 to buy (Carl had spoken with Tim Allen). We currently do not own the propane tanks at the
two well sites, Allen Mathewson owns them and will sell them at a cost of $2,364.00 each. Carl made a motion to purchase our
tanks from Allen Mathewson, pay for two out of water savings and one out of sewer savings, Bucky seconded, all in favor. At this
time the cost of propane from Allen Mathewson is $1.37, Keene Gas $1.59. Carl shared prices change every Monday.
2. Joseph Stoez 25 Marlborugh Rd – Rhonda shared letter with the Board from Mr. Stoez regarding his 3rd quarter billing. Mr.
Stoez was hoping the Board would grant him an abatement as his hot water heater was leaking and needed to be replaced. Bucky
made a motion to abate $271.36 on the sewer portion of Mr. Stoez bill, Mark seconded, all in favor
3. Nick Huntoon – Nick passed his Water Treatment exam and now holds is Grade I Water Treatment License.
4. Rhonda Sheats – Rhonda passed her Water Distribution exam and now holds her Grade I Water Distribution License.
5. 2020 Budget – Rhonda gave the Board copies of the 2020 budget. Bert shared that it has already gone to the Budget Committee.
6. 34 Fitzwilliam Rd – Justin shared that the leak there is on our side. The line under the road is junk. We will need to do a road
bore at which time Justin will make a separate tap as there are two house on the same tap.
7. Wet Well – Justin shared with the Board that we had a check valve in one of the pumps that has failed. Justin did some research and
was able to find parts to repair this valve are awaiting parts to come in, should be here this week or next. Justin ordered 2 sets as
he will check the other pump as well. Also noticed water dripping in wet well and alarm was tripped needed to order new relay
8. Phones at Well Site – Carl questioned why we need two people doing rounds. Suggested that Justin make up plan on how to do
rounds. Carl asked Justin if we had an SOP and Justin shared we did. Board had discussion on it being a safety issue with being
chemicals being used.
9. Payroll – reviewed and signed
10. Payables – reviewed and signed
11. General Ledger – reviewed and signed
12. Adjournment – Kris made motion for adjournment 6:30, Bucky seconded all in favor.

Respectfully submitted

Rhonda Sheats
Office Manager, Water/Sewer Department