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September 11, 2019
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PRESENT: Kris Lepisto, Bucky Sheats, Bert Lang and Justin Frazier

Meeting called to Order – Bert called the meeting to order at 5:05

REVIEW OF THE MINUTES FROM August 14, 2019 – Bucky made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Kris seconded. All in
favor, motion passed.

GUEST: Doug Clayton – Mr. Clayton came before the Board to share that he has inherited property on Mountain Rd that abuts our property. Mr. Clayton is trying to decide what he would like to do with this property. He understands that the Town of Troy was granted a right of way back in 1942 and wanted to know if that was still needed. The Board felt like to keep this in place. Mr. Clayton is looking a possibly subdividing where the property is and possibly giving land to the Town of Troy Water Dept. with a deed restriction to keep the view of the mountain clear for the property. Mr. Clayton would like to keep the land protected just as the old owners the Jeffries did. Mr. Clayton will look into his option and get back in touch with the Board and if he decides to proceed with this route we will need to meet with the Select Board and the Town Lawyer.

1. Conex Box – Justin shared with the Board that all that is left is to hook up the heater and the CL17 and the new Dechlor is
ready to go.
2. Gravel Pack Road – Justin shared that Ken Buffum is just waiting to get his equipment moved and will grade the road.
3. Heating System Update – Work will begin on 9/26/19
4. Manholes on North Main St. – Justin shared that they have installed the one manhole cover and ring on North Main Street that
was ordered through F.W. Webb and it seems to be working well. Justin has talked with the sales rep to see if there is anything
that they can do to help eliminate the shipping charge as Bert told Justin to order eight (8) on 9/3/19 when sales rep was here.
5. Meters on Monadnock St – Justin shared that they have one meter left to do. He would like to install under the customers
bathroom sink. Needs to setup a time with the customer to go in and see if this can be done.
6. Drainage at Perkins Pond – Justin shared that they will be doing themselves as he has not heard anything from D.O.T.
7. Eileen Breckell – Rhonda shared the response from the letter sent to Ms. Breckell after the July meeting requesting she run
the second quarter bill through her insurance company due to the leak. Carl made a motion to abate the sewer portion of the bill
in the amount of $1,280.41 and Ms. Breckell will be responsible for the water portion, Kris seconded, all in favor. Motion passed.

1. Phones at Well Site – Rhonda shared with the Board that Bert had requested that she pull minutes showing a motion had been
made to disconnect the phones at the well sites. Back in January of 2016 Board voted to disconnect. Bert’s concern is two (2)
people doing rounds, Rhonda shared it is a safety issue with chemicals as they are dumped from one container to another and
then mixed. No discussion followed.
2. Clean Water Revolving Fund Loan – Rhonda shared with the Board that we had submitted a pre-application for Clean Water
State Revolving Fund Loan for Energy Audit Measure Implementations and our application was approved for available funding.
Bucky made a motion to move forward with this loan, Kris seconded, all in favor. Rhonda is working on finding out what the next
step is.
3. Ultrasonic Flow Meter – Justin shared that our flow meter is obsolete, we can no longer purchase parts for this shall it break down.
Cost of a new one is roughly around $2,300.00. Justin or Rhonda will follow-up with A&D instruments in the morning. Bucky made
a motion to purchase a new one, Bert seconded, all in favor.
4. Justin – Justin shared with the Board that he got a good talking to on 9/3 from Bert and felt that things got out of control. Bert
shared he did not think they did. Bert shared that he feels things are not getting done like they should. Justin shared that sometimes
when they have plans, things come up and what they plan changes, it is not always easy to stay on a schedule. Justin shared
shared his frustrations about doing things and Bert shared that he was not saying Justin was not a hard worker, Bert shared his
work is impeccable. Justin needs to manage the ones under him to work. Would like to see the part-time person work 20 hours
especially at this time when there is so much that needs to be done (such as weeding of lagoons). Justin then went on to share
the state specifications on manholes and the use of concrete.
5. Payroll – reviewed and signed
6. Payables – reviewed and signed
7. General Ledger – reviewed and signed
8. Adjournment – Kris made motion for adjournment 6:30, Bucky seconded all in favor.

Respectfully submitted

Rhonda Sheats
Office Manager, Water/Sewer Department