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February 10, 2021

 PRESENT:  Bucky Sheats, Bert Lang, Justin Frazier, Carl Patten and Mark Huntoon

 Meeting called to Order –Bert called the meeting to order at 5:07

REVIEW OF THE MINUTES FROM December 9, 2020 – Bucky made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Carl seconded, all in favor to accept minutes as read.


  1.  Manholes North Main St – On hold until spring.  Justin also shared that he has received maps from the state highway on the bridges

they will be doing work on.  They will be doing the one on North Main St. near Prospect St.  Justin will get water/sewer lines marked out.

  1. PDIP Follow-up – Rhonda asked the Board if they have given any thought to what they would like to do with the money.  The options were to do money market or CD (6 month or 5 year). Board asked Rhonda to check with Ben and ask him what his thoughts where and to see if he knew what the rates were.
  1. Health Insurance Buyout – Carl would like to see us tier the buyout to $1,000 for single, $2,000 for 2 person and $3,000 for family.  Board discussed and they are not sure we can do this.  Rhonda will send an e-mail to NH Municipal Association Lawyer to find out if this can be done legally.


  1.    Cyber Security – Rhonda shared the article with the Board on the hacker in Florida getting into the Water Computer system.  She shared she is currently working on a cyber security plan for the Water/Sewer Department.
  1. Troy Mills Property Sub-Division – Bert shared that he had just received a certified letter regarding the Troy Mills property being subdivided and wanted to make the Board aware. Justin will go to the Town Hall see if they have any plans on the sub-division.
  1.   Payroll – reviewed and signed
  2. Payables – reviewed and signed
  3.   General Ledger – reviewed and signed
  4.   4th Qtr Warrant – reviewed and signed
  5. Personnel Policy Health Insurance Buyout Revised – reviewed and signed
  6. Revised Sewer Ordinance – reviewed and signed
  7. Revised Water Ordinance – reviewed and signed
  8. Adjournment – Carl made a motion for adjournment at 5:35, Bucky seconded, all in favor.


Respectfully submitted

Rhonda Sheats

Office Manager, Water/Sewer Department