Library Trustee Meeting 9/7/23

Attending: Kristan Tilton, Colleen Brennan, Jennifer Momaney
Board of Trustees Meeting Notes
Call to order
No Public Comments
No concerns with August minutes therefore approved.
Discussion of reports: Treasurer’s Report, Library Director’s Report. See agenda for figures.
Discussion of Programming numbers: pre-school story time, story time, book club
Suggested reaching out to new Beyond the Bell Troy coordinator re: library club
Old Business:
Reflected on summer reading. Participation this summer was consistent. Plushie raffle was a big hit.
Crafts and legos were also popular among the readers. Considering integrating into regular library
activities. Discussed ramping up community outreach.
New Business:
Discussed the matter of timesheets. Will remain unsigned. We determined the position is contracted
with expectation of a certain number of hours worked. As none of the trustees are on site to verify the
hours entered on the time sheet, we don’t feel our signature is necessary as we are already trusting that
the director meets their contracted obligation for hours worked and it would be questioned by the town
if another hour amount was being submitted. We feel it would be brought to our attention by
employees or patrons if the library was not being opened or if the director was not reporting to the
Booksale: slated for 10/13 and 10/14. Discussed whether Columbus Day weekend would be worth
considering coinciding with the town’s festival on the common. Reason for not was people potentially
being out of town for the holiday weekend. Discussed at least promoting at the town festival.
Budget Discussion:
Discussed increase in elevator line item due to the recent service calls and issues to be prepared for
unexpected situations in the future. Discussed increase to computer line item to begin updating patron
computers. There have been complaints due to lack of speed. Discussed likelihood of
water/sewer/phone potentially increasing as well.
Discussed procedure for employee complaint.

Next Meeting Thursday October 5
th 5:30pm

Library Trustee Meeting Minutes 5/4/23

Call to Order 5:30pm
No public comments
Prior minutes approval TBD – (Kristan took notes for prior meeting due to Colleen’s absence)
Reports: See attached agenda for Treasurer’s Report
Library Director’s Report:
Door count is continuing to trend upwards. Circulation remains average. Computer usage saw an
increase, in part due to federal taxes being due in April. Digital downloads remain steady and overdues
are low.
In-House Programs:
Take and Makes continue to be doing well. Easter Egg Hunt and Escape Room were both very well
received. It was discussed the winter vacation timeframe would be a great time to do another since it’s
an ideal time for an indoor activity.
Old Business:
Escape room reflection: was a hit but takes time to build activities and gather supplies. Had the benefit
of a grant to fund this one. Discussed possible options including offering sponsorship opportunities to
local businesses. Possible tiered options- i.e.- sponsor one table/activity vs sponsor the entire escape
room. Also discussed perhaps involving the older grades in Beyond the Bell afterschool program with
assisting in the designing.
New Library Card Rollout: new cards being sent out to patrons inviting them to use them.
Library Budget: Discussion was had regarding impacting of halting trust fund disbursements. Kristan
received clarification on balance and Jen provided figures on the impact the library’s purchasing ability
without those funds. As a result a motion was made by Richard to rescind the prior request to cancel the
trust fund disbursement. Colleen seconded, and all were in favor.
New Business:
Future Programming- as mentioned earlier, discussed a winter escape room. Also discussed a possible
book buddy program with veterans through the American Legion.
Book sale- discussed trustee assistance with book sale prep and clean up.
Fundraising was also discussed. It was also suggested that the town be contacted to update the town’s
website which still has Catherine’s name listed for the library director. Kristan also mentioned adding to
an Amazon wishlist for the library as we would get occasional donations from the wishlist.
Meeting adjourned at 6:13pm

Library Trustee Minutes 3/1/23

Attending: Richard Thackston, Kristan Tilton, Colleen Brennan

Call to Order – 5:38


Reviewed Treasurer’s Report

Reviewed Library Director’ report

Discussed overdue courtesy phone calls- are they still happening? Yes, but Jen will follow up with staff.

Take n Make #’s increased quite a bit!

Trust fund distributions stoppage discussed at length for better understanding

Budget Update- warrant article tentatively passed

Summer Reading- looking at a community centered program. Community scavenger hunt discussed.

Discussed further community outreach- welcome packets with town info.

Kristan has a conflict with current meeting day. Discussed changing the monthly meeting to Thursdays rather than Weds. Richard made a motion to move the trustee meeting to Thursdays at 5:30pm. Kristan seconded. All were in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:12pm  

Library Trustee Meeting Minutes 2/1/23

Call to Order 5:40pm
Attending: Richard Thackston, Kristan Tilton, Colleen Brennan
Treasurer Report Reviewed
Library Director’s Report Reviewed
Door count going up. Year in review- 2022- 85 new patrons, pre pandemic level
Programming- 37 take n’ makes; discussed promotion ahead of snow storms (expected snow days)
Discussed the take your kid to the library day
Staffing Update- Erin working Tu/We/Th and some Sat
Patron Offerings- discussed museum passes; discussed possible donation letter
Large Print- considering change of distributor. Waiting on quote but appears it would be a lower cost
provider. Fewer titles but circulation on low side anyway so no major impact expected.
Revisited Dolly Parton Imag Library- need 501c3 status, sponsor

Thinking ahead-
Focus on addressing pandemic learning loss: literacy, social/emotional skills

Discussed arranging fun family events around books
Warrant articles
Reviewed bids from contractors.
KT: Motion to expand request to $10,000 for warrant article RT- Seconded. All were in favor.
Trust fund level discussed. Concerns too low. Needs time to replenish. But need to also assure sufficient
funding to library.
KT: Motion to cease distribution from trust fund as long as budget committee approval equal increase to
library budget. RT- seconded. All were in favor.
Next Mtg 3/1
Adjourned 6:20

Library Trustee Meeting Minutes 1/4/23

Call to Order 5:31pm
Attending: Richard Thackston, Kristan Tilton, Colleen Brennan
Treasurer Report Reviewed
Library Director’s Report Reviewed
Door count is down. Possible factors discussed- holidays, illness, weather, etc.
Libby numbers holding steady
Story time numbers down, same factors discuss as those regarding door count- holidays, illness, weather
Noon year’s eve- big success! Great turnout
Book club- encountered technical issues
Upcoming- bring kid to the library day – Feb 4th

Old Business
Staffing- new hire started- yay!
Motion to approve modification to reconsideration

Next Meeting 2/1
Adjourned 6:01